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We are an elite recruitment consultancy firm that specialize in Veterinary Locum and Permanent placements of surgeons, nurses and support staff. We understand the importance of needing to find the right person for your practice and also finding the right work for each candidates skill sets or requirements so we endeavor to find each of our applicants their dream job whilst providing our practices with the best of the best out of our candidate search! Our approach is simple: Each assignment is critical, each client is precious, and each candidate is treated with the utmost consideration.

Boutique by design, Fortis Vets has earned a reputation for providing clients with the same level of sophistication available through the largest search firms, but with a level of intimacy and specialization unique to a company of our size.

Likewise for our Candidates: Whatever level your skills and expertise, we will match you with the best possible job within your sector and guarantee you a thorough service throughout. We follow up on all our candidates once placed to keep a check that you’re happy where you are and maintain that level of familiarity and consideration you will receive by working with us.

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First and foremost, we derived from an HR background so we are very familiar with the procedures and needs of those we work with and regardless of division, our ethics and approaches are equal and unique so throughout the process of matching candidates and Clients, our aim is to offer you the best service based on your needs whilst providing you with ongoing CPD, staff training and mentoring, Business development and promotion, social development and community integration and charitable donations named on behalf of our candidates and Clients ensuring we are all working together as a team towards the greater good. It is this bespoke attitude from our little family that has allowed the marriage of so many great relationships from so many of you and that continues to flourish.


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We are in the process of establishing our charity ‘COMING SOON…’

The Charities aim is to build a network based around our hopes for the development in the Veterinary and animal welfare sector. It is designed to grow a network of people all with a similar interest in raising funds for animal health research, animal shelter and welfare funds and funds to sponsor specific programs and internships that are relevant to our interests and the interests of those we work with.

At Fortis Vets, we take a percentage of the funds that we earn from practices and with those funds and a percentage of our annual company profits, we centralize them in our charity and portion out amounts to YOU, our practices and your chosen charities, our listed charities and then finally, a percentage is used to fund other fundraisers and events to develop and become more able to provide towards the bigger picture:

More research and development for Veterinary professionals. More funds to work with collaborators overseas in wildlife research projects and more funds to donate to specific animal care charities.


We would love it if you could work with us and join in with our developments! We can guarantee you one thing, they will be great fun!

Keep checking in and if you wish to receive the brochure and a copy of our upcoming CPD list, please fill out the form below and we will mail it out to you!