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We would like to take a couple of minutes to introduce to you who we are! Our team and our work mean the world to us and we love what we do! We hope you will too!


We are a young team that was set up in 2014 by Kat and Lee Asher. They started this recruitment Business as a way to work from home around family life. Lee was working in recruitment at the time and had years of know how under his belt. They took the plunge and have grown the Company to allow other consultants to join that also want to work from home and have a more flexible work / life balance but still earn a realistic income equivalent to what they would if they were in a 9-5 job.


It’s pointless presenting you with the jargon and so on of what we do and how before explaining firstly about how you would get paid. That’s why you are here right? So, yes, we work in recruitment as I imagine you have gathered. This means that each time we place someone in a job, we get paid a % of their annual income. 10% or 12.5% to be precise depending on the practice they join (more on that later)..So if each deal we make is based on an average salary of £30,000 per candidate, that would either be a £3k (at 10%) deal or a £3750 (at 12.5%) deal. These deal sizes are what we most look at putting through given market status and it is highly possible to get 1-2 of these a month once you get a good pipeline flowing and a work pattern that is consistent. So on each deal you get, we pay you 35% of the total invoice based on the annual salary.

So for example:


As you can see, we work with permanent contracted vets and nurses and locums. The great thing about permanents are the higher salaries however they are slightly harder to come by. Locum vets however are the bread and butter of the industry and are easier to place so its highly possible to have a few locum bookings each month. Some will be odd days, others can be contracted to work for months which will bring your total billings higher.

If you have previously worked in a recruitment office, you will know that you get your basic salary and then the commission structure is set to mean that you only get a percentage of any commission once you have reached specific targets (KPI’s). This is not the case. We pay you a fixed 35% on EVERYTHING you bill so you could realistically end up earning higher than a basic salary and the beauty is that you can work from home around a flexible schedule that fits in with your lifestyle.

We estimate that in order to do this successfully and generate the figures above, you would need to put in 2-3 hours a day. (3 preferably) and remain consistent with your approach.


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We are one of the UK’s leading Veterinary recruitment agencies. We help vets and nurses from ALL OVER THE WORLD find jobs in the UK. As we work with 98% of the UK’s practices, we also help to fill their positions by finding vets and nurses suitable for their roles. This is a very circular approach to recruitment and as a team we work together nicely to help keep each other in the loop as to what jobs are available and updated on a regular basis. It is your job to find yourself candidates to place in roles and also help your team by updating jobs that come in along the way.

It is a really fun, straight forward approach once you get your head around it and it is a wonderful environment to be in as it is super professional yet fairly relaxed and down to earth in comparison to other corporate sectors.

We will provide you with full training, the facilities to use all the workforce property so that you can act as a representing consultant and we will set you up with your own work email and online accounts so that you can start to network and grow your pipeline.

Then the rest is up to you!


Remember that nothing happens over night The effort you put in will always pay off If you struggle ask There will alway (2)

It helps if you are organised as there is quite a bit of admin.

Our team is fantastic! Everyone is highly supportive and helpful and there to motivate you all the way!

All we ask is that you treat our clients and candidates with respect and that you help to maintain our companies fantastic reputation!

If this sounds like it could be for you, then please email back to and we will get you started on the next stage of this journey!


As you will learn along the way, all our vet surgeons and nurses have to comply with annual CPD (continual professional development) courses and further learning in order to be able to remain in practice. They are allocated a certain amount of budget invested in them by the practice they work for. This allocation can get spent on any courses they believe will further their career.

As we work closely with the UK’s leading surgeons and specialists, we have started to put together a list of practical and theory based courses throughout the UK that is available for all to join and book on to.

This is a new avenue that we have diversified in to recently though we are offering all of our consultants the opportunity to include sales of all CPD courses to their networking vets and nurses for an additional percentage of sales. This is an excellent chance to bump up any slow months you may be having as it is something that every vet needs to invest in and something that is easily sellable to them!

After serious investment, we are in the process of hosting a huge website that can facilitate online live streaming and pay per click access to all our vets looking for great CPD options. This will be available for you to also join in on so there is a lot of room for diversity in your role!


Anyway, we can’t wait to hear from you and we look forward to you hopefully jumping on board and joining us as we grow and expand!

Until then,

Thanks for applying and good luck

The Fortis Team