We want to get to know our clients/practices and take the time to listen to their needs, plans, strategy for the future, as well as how their teams operate. We appreciate that each situation is unique and we recruit for each role differently. This way we can provide our clients with the best tailored recruitment service in the market.

 As we are a small agency, our ethos is that we like to work intimately with our practices and their vets and nurses and unlike large corporations, we go that little bit further and provide a more detailed and personal service that is not only more affordable but also better for the industry as we give back! Yes, we give our candidates that we place with you the opportunity to earn money back from working with us, which is great because it means we get more candidates! We also make charitable donations on your behalf for every fee we earn from you. This means that even by offering you THE LOWEST FEES in the market, we also work to develop a community of people that are working towards charitable causes. Who doesn’t want that?


Our approach for finding the right person for the right job varies from case to case. First and foremost, we need to understand the requirements of each practice or assignment and what the details are specifically to target the right person to not only fill that role but fill it with 100% accuracy and success for both the Client and the employee.

On behalf of ALL of our Clients regardless of sector, we always advertise jobsfor free and run them throughout all of our social media channels and networks to get you maximum exposure for your vacancy. 

We also mailshot our registered candidates and members that ask for monthly updates on jobs, CPD, events etc so they are kept in the loop continually. This gives you more of a targeted and specific chance of getting noticed by the right person, and seen as how our members and networks are rather extensive due to the range of additional extras we can offer, we have a high success rate in being able to get your message out there to the audience of your dreams! (No, we’re not a dating network but we could probably fix that too!:)) 

We also headhunt on a more targeted and fine channeled approach via various online sector sites and social media channels so we frequently connect with professionals looking for the very position you might be wanting to source so our 360 approach and our great reputation is a recipe for success 90% of the time!

And lets not forget, we also work with a pleasurably high percentage of referrals and recommendations so our constant flow of live registered applicants is continually improving and helping to put us at the top!


Whether you are a Veterinary practice, dental practice, hospital or surgery of any kind, we can help you find the right person for your team today!



If you have a job that you wish for us to post on your behalf, please feel free to add the text into the comments form below and we will advertise it for you.