Make Mine Chocolate – The tasty and cruelty free Easter bunny campaign

So Christmas has been and gone and now the EASTER eggs are out in force in the shops.


Now for Veterinary Nurses this can mean several things.

  • 2 Bank holidays with a weekend in between.
  • Chocolate Toxicity
  • INCREASE of bunnies been brought in

Clients or potential clients are considering purchasing their children a fluffy bunny because that’s what they think Easter is about! Hopefully people will do research about their choice and make an informed decision. However unfortunately you do see poor decisions made by impulse buys and people just don’t realise the effort and time required to look after their new pet.


Rabbits are the third most popular household pet in the UK following dogs and cats. They are also becoming more popular as house rabbits.

For those that do their research there are websites which will give you all the information you need

RAW – Rabbit Awareness Week is a great website to go on for more information. Some people don’t realise Rabbits like cats and dogs need annual vaccinations and preventative wormers etc. The website goes on to give information about behavior and diet etc also.

There was a campaign a couple of years ago which was brought across to the UK ‘Make mine chocolate’. This was to promote the idea of getting chocolate bunnies rather than the real thing. Some stores will actually stop selling rabbits around Easter to try and prevent impulse buys.

The Make Mine Chocolate UK Rescue survey revealed that around 60% of rabbits entering rescue in the UK were owned for less than a year before surrender – with a staggering 40% of these being owned for less than six months.

So despite the fact that it will not help my diet i stand by the MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE Campaign this year.